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 How To Apply

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PostSubject: How To Apply   How To Apply I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2012 2:40 pm

Rocket Scientist make sure everything goes as smooth as possible, just like moderators. But they also make sure that the server is grief-free. They can check if something has been griefed and thereafter IP-ban the player.

- You must be trusted by the owner
- You must have donated to the server
- You must be online at least 10 hours a week on the server
- You are willing to promote guests, when they have registered on the forum and posted an application
- You must be at least 17 years old
- You must have been on the server for at least 6 weeks (I can check join date)
- You have Mumble

Copy the code below and make a new thread in this forum, then Paste it in and then answer the questions.

-- Personality --
Nickname in DragTekk:

-- Geograpic --

-- Information --
Have you donated? If no, will you donate?:
Do you know basic English?:
Do you have Mumble?:
How long have you been on the server?:
How long can you be on the server each week?:
Have you made a YouTube video about the server?:

-- Being an Rocket Scientist--
Will you help anyone that needs your help?:
Why should we pick you as an Rocket Scientist over the others?:
What can you offer us as an Rocket Scientist of DragTekk?:

-- Extra --
Comments? Want to tell us more?
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How To Apply
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